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How to Choose the Best Live Video Platform
Do you want to add a sense of urgency to your marketing? Interested in using live video on your social […]
Thu, Mar 23, 2017
Social Media Examiner

Sankey Diagrams: A Better Way to Visualize Decision Trees
By Tim Bock I used to think that Sankey diagrams were just one of those cool visualizations that look amazing at […]
Thu, Mar 23, 2017
GreenBook Blog

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Manual Content Creation?
There are only a few industries in which automation isn’t threatening some job roles. That’s a pretty scary thought, right? […]
Thu, Mar 23, 2017
Content Marketing Institute

How to Increase an Idea's Adoption Rates
  “Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.” [Johann Wolfgang […]
Thu, Mar 23, 2017
Conversation Agent

The reason we need the FDA (hint: it's marketers)
Here's the original ad for Coca-Cola: French Wine Coca is indorsed (sic) by over 20,000 of the most learned and scientific […]
Thu, Mar 23, 2017
Seth Godin

ADVERTISING: Another insight on PSFK for Members
ADVERTISING: Another insight on PSFK for Members […]
Thu, Mar 23, 2017

Is Your Marketing Strategy Aimed at the Present or the Future?
If you’ve designed your marketing strategy around what your market expects today, you may want to revisit it. Why? Your market […]
Mon, Mar 20, 2017
Brian Solis

SXSW 2017: Should Age Diversity Matter?
This was my tenth consecutive year attending SXSW. This means I started attending in my mid thirties during a very […]
Wed, Mar 15, 2017

6 Powerful Stories Celebrating Women
As I am sure you have noticed, yesterday was International Women’s Day and it was hard to miss all the […]
Fri, Mar 10, 2017
Influential Marketing Blog

From Persona to Personal: the Potential of the Customer Experience
Each passing generation of marketers has been chasing the same carrot: how to communicate directly with each customer in a […]
Tue, Sep 13, 2016
AMA Elevate

Superheroes of Social Media: Your Must-See Guide to #SMMW17
In a past life, I was a minor internet celebrity. One big perk to that dubious career was being a […]
Thu, Mar 23, 2017
Top Rank - Online Marketing Blog

Surprisingly, Brand Advertising Drives More Conversions Than You Think! by @LarryKim
Why are big companies pouring so much money into brand advertising every year? What do they know that we don't? […]
Thu, Mar 23, 2017
Search Engine Journal

Wednesday Odds and Ends
[youtube] -Colenso BBDO launched this “Child Replacement Program” campaign for Pedigree promoting the brand’s adoption drive (video above). –AT&T, Verizon and […]
Wed, Mar 22, 2017
Agency Spy

SearchCap: Google Posts expands, technical audits & site search
Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. The […]
Wed, Mar 22, 2017
Search Engine Land

Can Google get users on board with “shortcuts in search”?
Google announced yesterday the launch of “shortcuts in search”, which will allow Android users (only in the US, for now) […]
Wed, Mar 22, 2017
Search Engine Watch

Sometimes nothing is better
There is a required critical mass in terms of marketing. Sometimes it’s actually better to do nothing as opposed to […]
Wed, Mar 22, 2017

What the Rise of Virtual Reality Means for Marketing [Animated Infographic]
Get those goggles ready, because virtual reality is transcending gaming and reaching into the marketing world. Check out this animated […]
Wed, Mar 22, 2017

How to Build Relationships with Online Influencers (Without the Awkward)
We’ve been telling you there’s no great secret to search optimization, but that’s kind of a lie, isn’t it? There is […]
Wed, Mar 22, 2017

Digital Tech Spending is Outpacing the Performance of Digital Marketers
Digital marketing budgets are growing at a breakneck pace, but according to a new report, investments in the essential digital […]
Wed, Mar 22, 2017

A Splintered Web Gets Even More Fragmented
This morning, after Jacq left for the gym, I spoke to two different bots on my phone. Poncho gave me […]
Wed, Mar 22, 2017
Chris Brogan