Welcome to the first NY AMA President’s Blog!

Welcome to the first NY AMA President’s Blog!

The idea of livening up the NY AMA website with a blog has been around for some time. It is time to get it going. At the NY AMA 2015-16 planning meeting, which took place a couple of weeks ago, the Board unanimously agreed.

The mission of the NY AMA is ‘To inspire, support and celebrate brilliance in marketing”. What does this mean? We champion marketing innovation and are advocates for breakthroughs in all aspects of marketing. We provide information, education and connections to help marketers thrive and grow. We work to raise the profile of marketing in the organization. And we celebrate victories along the way, and the marketers who achieve them.

In keeping with our mission, the objective of this blog is to:

  • Share stimulating commentary on the state of marketing in general, and in particular, where it is going, what the future holds
  • Provide useful information on NY AMA initiatives, upcoming events and how they can help members and other marketers in their careers
  • Recognize and celebrate the achievements of NY AMA members and volunteers

We are calling it, The President’s Blog, to give it personality, authority and a brand. As the incoming 2015-16 President, I will lead it and make regular contributions. But I’m just curating it. Each successive President will have the opportunity to continue the blog, in their own way. It will be the voice of the NY AMA Board. All Board members will contribute and share their thoughts and opinions on the topics of their choice. Some of them are already furiously scribbling away, on trains, planes and buses. We’ll also invite contributions from marketing gurus, including members of the Marketing Hall of Fame Academy.

In this first blog, I’d like to introduce the Board, so you can see who’s on it, what they do, what a variety of backgrounds they come from, and get an idea of the type of content you can expect.

First up, the outgoing NY AMA President, Don Sexton, Professor of Marketing at the Columbia Business School. Juggles this with teaching at the University of Shanghai. He’s an expert on marketing accountability, statistics and analytics and has been widely honored and published.

Next, our Treasurer, Rick Kendall. The longest serving member of the Board and our rock. If you want to know what the by-laws are, ask him. Rick just started as CMO of Medmeme, a startup provider of global medical intelligence. Before that, ran his own market research company.

Randy Ringer, CEO of Verse Group, a brand consultancy he started over ten years ago and an expert in narrative branding. Randy was NYAMA President before Don. His thoughtfulness, wit and verve were instrumental, together with Rick, in revitalizing the NYAMA and setting it on its current path. His team created the brand identity and logos for both the NY AMA and the Marketing Hall of Fame.

Our new COO, David Rogers. He’s just taken on this new and much needed position and is getting us organized. He’s Professor at the Columbia Business School, runs its annual BRITE conference and is an expert in digital and social marketing. He’s just finishing another book.

The indispensable Lee Hornick, a highly experienced professional conference program director. He runs events for the Conference Board, as well as many other organizations, and for us. He organizes the NY AMA’s events, the Marketing Hall of Fame event, and brings in our sponsorship partners.

Bob Kahn, the current Chair of the Marketing Hall of Fame. Bob has experience both on the agency side, at FutureBrand, Ogilvy and Landor, and on the client side, as CMO of NetJets. He’s an all-round expert at branding and marketing. Airlines are his passion.

Peter Owen is the source of new energy as Chair of our Membership Committee, where he is playing a critical role. He works at Ford, where is responsible for improving the consumer experience at 110 Ford and Lincoln dealers.
Craig Charney is President of Charney Research, which specializes in developing markets and crisis countries. When he’s not in Afghanistan or Syria, he runs our new Marketing Special Interest Group. Read the SIG’s new piece of research – Drop the BRICs, Launch the ICBM.

At IBM, Ed Zuber is a specialist in employee engagement, leading worldwide communications and change management programs. He was instrumental in the development of the NYAMA’s vision, mission and values.

An entrepreneur as well as thinker, Michael Lang is discovering the hard work involved in small business at Signarama. His marketing and branding career includes JTI and Sony. Michael is my partner in getting the blog up and running and will be making frequent contributions.

Bianca Di Salvo and Alan Schulman are our two new Board members.

Bianca has been elected to the Board in recognition of the tremendous work she and her team have been doing over the last 18 months in developing the new NY AMA Mentorship program. She runs her own market research agency, specializing in qualitative.

Alan brings us deep digital creative expertise. He’s an entrepreneur and has started several digital marketing and content companies. After selling the last one to Sapient Nitro, he has just joined Deloitte Digital. He’s on several boards and teaches for the ANA.

Finally, we have Lukas Pospichal, our Managing Director, and myself. Lukas runs GreenBook, the leading marketing research directory and information source, which is a subsidiary of the NY AMA. I run the brand consulting practice of OgilvyRED, Ogilvy & Mather’s strategy consulting unit. My role at the NY AMA has been to recreate the Marketing Hall of Fame, which I’ve now handed over to Bob, as I start my term as President.

The blog will be coming out weekly. So, you’ll be hearing more from all of us.

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