Joanna Seddon

Joanna is the current President of the NY AMA and runs the brand consulting practice of OgilvyRED, Ogilvy & Mather’s strategy consulting unit.

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About every 5 years, the controversy resurfaces. It becomes fashionable to say that branding is passé, brands don’t matter any more. So Ogilvy decided to find out if brands still matter, and if so, how they matter to consumers today. The results are a warning and encouragement at the same time. Brands have to work harder. People have become complacent about brands. They are no longer as excited about them as they were a generation ago. We can surmise that to get people to be energized about brands once more, we have to produce a new style of marketing - one that’s much more attuned to what they value in brands today.

Welcome to the first NY AMA President’s Blog!

The mission of the NY AMA is ‘To inspire, support and celebrate brilliance in marketing”. What does this mean? We champion marketing innovation and are advocates for breakthroughs in all aspects of marketing. We provide information, education and connections to help marketers thrive and grow.